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British Indian Ocean Territory Coronavirus cases map tracker

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12.3K 94%
120 1%
Containment rate
Total sick
Cases doubled
64 days
Confirmed last 24H
Recovered last 24H
Daily cases curve is Decreasing at 26%
States affected: 1

British Indian Ocean Territory Coronavirus cases map tracker - COVID 19 latest stats update in 2021

Last updated: January 21, 2021

British Indian Ocean Territory reported 13.1K confirmed COVID 19 Coronavirus cases with 93 infected in last 24 hours. Out of these 12.3K recovered and 120 died. Coronavirus pandemic containment rate is 95%. The daily confirmed cases curve in British Indian Ocean Territory is Decreasing at 26%. The number of total confirmed cases doubled in 64. Recovery rate is 94% and Fatality rate is 1%.

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