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India travel restrictions from Romania

India travel restrictions ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

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for travel from Romania

India quarantine details

India is closed for travel. No quarantine is required on arrival to India and when returining back to Romania quarantine is required.Most visitors from India will not be allowed to travel to Romania.Get travel restrictions, quarantine and entry requirements for India from Romania.
โœ… Destination No quarantine
๐Ÿšซ Return Quarantine required
โš ๏ธ Some Visitors

India travel restrictions from Romania

International travel to India is not permitted. International flights are mostly suspended until further notice. This does not apply to repatriation flights for nationals and residents of India.

Exceptional travel

Exemptions to the border closure are in place for those with valid visas, such as those with valid business visas. The issuance of tourist, medical, and electronic visas remains suspended.
A full list of exemptions can be found at
All travelers who have visited the countries with 'variant of concern' and 'variant of interest' in the last 14 days are required to undergo testing on arrival and quarantine for 7 days at home. A test will be administered at the end of the quarantine period. Those testing negative will undergo further self-monitoring for 7 days. Those testing positive will be transferred to an institutional isolation facility.
A list of countries with 'variant of concern' and 'variant of interest can be found at

Test/medical certificate required

Proof of a negative PCR test, taken within the previous 72 hours, must be uploaded before departure and provided on departure and arrival. Travelers must also submit a declaration of the authenticity of the document.

Testing on arrival

A COVID-19 test will be administered on arrival. Those testing negative must self-monitor for 14 days. If a positive result is received, travelers must follow the instructions of health officials.

Other medical measures

Health screenings and temperature checks will be conducted on arrival and when departing from India.

Additional documents required

A completed self-declaration form must also be submitted within 72 hours before departure. Travelers are required to upload the negative test result during this process. - Self-declaration form
For more details Bureau of Immigration, India

Government measures

Throughout India, restrictions are likely to change at short notice and may vary between states. The assembly of large groups in public spaces is restricted. Stricter restrictions, such as lockdown measures, remain in place for 'containment zones'. For detailed information per zone, we recommend monitoring local media and for countrywide information visit

Use of masks

Face masks are required in public spaces, enclosed environments, and while on public transport.

Public transport

Public transportation services are partially operational with variances to regular schedules. Please verify the accurate timetable with the relevant transportation company. Negative test results and quarantine may be required for inter-regional travel.


Restaurants are open with reduced capacity to allow for social distancing. Further restrictions are in effect for containment zones.


Bars are open with reduced capacity to allow for social distancing. Further restrictions are in effect for containment zones.


Nightclubs are closed to limit the rate of transmission.


Essential shops are open with adapted safety measures in place, such as the use of hand sanitizer and social distancing. Non-essential businesses may be open in some areas.

On return

Vaccinated traveller exceptions

Travelers who present a valid international certificate for full vaccination against COVID-19, with the use of an approved vaccine, are exempt from testing and quarantine requirements. The final dose must have been administered at least 14 days before departure.
The list of accepted vaccines can be found at

Quarantine required

Travelers are required to self-quarantine for 14 days on arrival. This period can be shortened by taking a COVID-19 test on day 10 and producing a negative result. Those testing positive should follow instructions from local health officials.
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