Cyprus sticker visa for Palestine citizens in 2024

Cyprus sticker visa for Palestine citizens in 2024

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Cyprus sticker visa 🇨🇾
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Cyprus visa for Palestine citizens

Palestinian citizens must obtain a visa before travelling to Cyprus. Cyprus Sticker visa is required for Palestinian citizens. Applicants are required to be present when applying for the Cyprus Sticker visa. This tourist visa typically allows a short term stay. The Cyprus tourist visa remains valid for 3 months. The Cyprus Sticker visa must be used within 90 days of issuance. A total of 9 documents are required to apply for the Cyprus Sticker visa. Find out more about Cyprus visa exemptions and special conditions.

Cyprus tourist visa conditions for Palestine citizens

Visa applicant
Visa stay
3 months
Visa validity
90 days
Visa term
Short term

Cyprus tourist visa requirements for Palestine citizens

Documents required for Cyprus Tourist Visa from Palestine include passport and other supporting documents. A total of 9 documents are required.
  • Visa Application Form: Completed application form for Cyprus
  • Passport Photo: A Passport Photo is required. Photo must be no older than 6 months
  • Passport: Original Passport or Travel document of country with at least 6 months remaining validity on the date of travel and have at least 2 visa pages clear of any markings.
  • Travel Proof: A round-trip flight reservations(s) for destination.
  • Accomodation Proof: Accomodation reservation(s) in destination for the duration of your visit.
  • Current Details: Employed:
    • Employed:
    • A letter from your employer on company letterhead, with contact details, stating that a leave of absence has been granted, purpose and duration of the trip, and that you will be returning to your current job.
    • Current bank statement of the latest 6 months
    • Income Tax Return (ITR)
    • Original pay slipsSelf Employed:
    • Include a copy of your business license
    • Company bank statement of the latest 6 months
    • Income Tax Return (ITR)
    • Student:
    • Submit an official letter from your school indicating that you are in good standing and that you are registered for the upcoming semester.
    • No Object certificate from School or University.
    • Retired:
    • Submit proof of your retirement fund. Yes.
  • Invitation Letter: A letter from your relative or friend or company inviting you to visit and their relationship to you. The letter could state: the purpose of your visit and length of stay, if you will be staying with them, If this person will be paying for your stay, provide proof of their funds.
  • Travel Insurance: Proof of travel insurance for destination with the certificate of Insurance and the table of benefits. You can also provide a letter from the bank confirming that you have an insurance with them along with a copy of credit card and the table of benefits.
  • Cover Letter: Covering letter mentioning the details of the applicant, travel and details of the other members travelling with you.

How to apply for Cyprus tourist visa from Palestine

Cyprus Sticker visa application process for Palestinian citizens is quick and easy, as long as the necessary documents and information are provided accurately. By following these 7 steps, Palestine citizens can ensure a smooth and hassle-free process in obtaining an Cyprus tourist visa.
  1. 1
    Gather required documents
    Gather all the necessary documents required for a destination tourist visa including passport and other supporting documents required by the destination authorities. If your documents are in a language different from English, they need to be translated.
  2. 2
    Valid passport
    Check country passport is valid with at least 6 months of validity beyond their intended stay in destination. If not apply for a new country passport. The passport must also have at least one blank page for visa stamps.
  3. 3
    Fill application form
    You will need to fill out a visa application form, which is available at the immigration counter. This form requires personal information, passport details, and intended travel plans to destination. Make sure to fill out the form accurately and completely.
  4. 4
    Schedule appointment
    Schedule an appointment with the destination embassy or consulate where you will submit your application. You can do this online or by contacting the embassy or consulate.
  5. 5
    Submit documents
    Submit your application form along with passport to officer at destination embassy/consulate. You will be required to provide all the necessary documents aswell. Ensure that all documents are in order and up-to-date.
  6. 6
    Visa processing
    The processing time for the visa process is typically few days. During this time, your application, passport and any other documents will be reviewed by immigration officer. The visa application will either be approved or denied based on the information provided in the application and the supporting documents.
  7. 7
    Recieve visa
    If application is approved, the applicant will receive destination in their passport and can collect passport from the destination embassy or consulate.

Cyprus Visa Exemption

Find out more about Cyprus visa exemptions and special conditions.
  • Stay must not exceed 90 days in any 180 day period
    Eligible Countries:
    All Countries
    Ineligible Countries:
    Azerbaijan and Turkey
Visa stay
90 days

Cyprus tourist visa advice

While planning your visit to Cyprus as an Palestine citizen, you might be curious about other visa types and requirements. If you're considering exploring Cyprus beyond the usual tourist spots, our comprehensive guide on Cyprus tourist visa offers deeper insights and broader options for travelers of different nationalities. For those transiting through other countries en route to Cyprus, understanding Cyprus Transit Visa requirements is crucial to ensure a smooth journey.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Cyprus Sticker visa is required for Palestine citizens. Palestine passport holders need to apply for a tourist visa at the embassy.

Yes, Palestine citizens can travel to Cyprus, Sticker visa is required.

The maximum length of stay in Cyprus with Sticker visa is 3 months and usually Short term which means that Palestine citizens must leave the country within 3 months of their arrival

The visa is valid for a period of 90 days

Palestine citizens must obtain a visa before travelling to Cyprus.

No, A valid passport is required for entry and exit to Cyprus. Palestine citizen also need at least 6 months validity in their passports.

Palestine citizens who meet the eligibility requirements specified by the Cyprus government are eligible to apply for a Cyprus Sticker visa. The requirements include having a valid Palestine passport with a minimum validity of 6 months, being free of any criminal record, and the of visit should be tourism or visiting friends or family

No, Cyprus Sticker visa is not valid for work purposes. Palestine citizen wishing to work in Cyprus will need to apply for a work visa.

Overstaying a visa in Cyprus can result in fines, penalties, and potentially being banned from entering Cyprus in the future. It is important to comply with the length of stay specified with Sticker visa and leave the country within the allotted time.

The information in the site should be used as a guide only. You are advised to contact your local official mission/consulate/embassy and ensure you have the latest information. We take no responsibility.