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Picture of US Visa
Developed •
US Dollar •
English •
🛂 Tourist or Business Visa (B1/B2), Work Visa (L1/L2/H1/H4), US Green card
Picture of Canada Visa
Canada •
Developed •
Canadian Dollar •
English,French •
🛂 Canada tourist visa, Canada student visa, Canada work visa, Canada permanent residency
Picture of Schengen Visa
Schengen Area •
Developed •
Euro •
English •
🛂 Short-term C-Type Schengen visa
Picture of UK Visa
UK •
Developed •
Pound Sterling •
English •
🛂 UK tourist visa, UK student visa, UK work visa, UK permanent residency
Picture of Australia Visa
Australia •
Developed •
Australian Dollar •
English •
🛂 Australia Tourist Visa, Australia Work Visa, Australia Permanent Residency
Picture of New Zealand Visa
New Zealand •
Developed •
New Zealand Dollar •
English,Māori •
🛂 New Zealand Tourist Visa, New Zealand Work Visa, New Zealand Permanent Residency
Picture of Japan Visa
Japan •
Developed •
Yen •
Japanese •
🛂 Japan Tourist Visa

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Last updated: November 13, 2020

Find visa exemptions with powerful visas like US Visa, Schegen visa, Canada Visa, UK visa, Australia visa, Japan visa and New Zealand Visa