Visa List
VisaList helps anyone who wants to travel to different countries, with the visa requirements to begin with along with the important things required. You can find Visa free, Visa on arrival and other requirement to travel to more than 200 different destination countries across the world. You can also know each required documents, embassies nearby, currency required, languages spoken and much more. This makes life easy and puts the research people usually do all in one place.

Data is primarily collected from public sources like Wikipedia, Embassy and National websites of differnt countries.
My name is Hari Krishna. I made VisaList along with my friend Rizwan. We made this because we think a product like this needs to exist.

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Why VisaList?

A year back i became a digital nomad and started travelling. I wanted to visit all the countries that i fancied. Soon i realised that you need visa to most of these countries, few have VOA(Visa on Arrival) and for others you have to get it through their embassy in your home country(in my case India). So now i wanted to see the countries i could go without waiting for 3 weeks to get visa, did some research. After few blogs and websites finally got the list. Travelled to a new country. After few months i wanted to go to another country. I had to do the same search, couldn't find the old one, found a new site which had more countries offering VOA. One of my friends told me that when he researching for vietnam visa, he found almost 10 website with .gov and it was really confusing. Many blogs don't have links to official websites of embassies. And Visalist was born.