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uzair jutt

Hello i want to visit Algeria please help anyone because my love there

1 day ago
light Williams

Hello, am Williams, Light from Nigeria, please I need work visa to Germany. Please I need your assistance. Thanks.

1 day ago
Qayum Ulfat

Hello i am Mohammad Qayum from afghanistan i need to get visa of canada thanks

1 day ago

I am mohammad Qayum from Afghanistan i need drayving visa of canada

1 day ago
Sajid Ali


1 day ago
Prince Mohamad Sameer

Hi I would like to visas ireland for my holiday I would like to know how to apply for a visa I'm from Mauritius

21 hours ago
Nana Opoku Osei-Sraha

i live and work in Ghana. A university Lecturer with the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. I wish to immigrate to Uzbekistan. Please guide me

19 hours ago
Md. Abu Sayed Mollick

I am a Bangladeshi citizen, how can I get the tourist visa of Israil

18 hours ago
Kalim Khan

What is mexico trv requirment for pakistan..i am from pakistan and want mexico tr

17 hours ago
Alex Ilyas Romania

Hello. Selam im ilyas. Staying in istambul turkey by legal stay. I wana visit my girlfriend in morocco to marry her. Can you assit me plz

16 hours ago
CV Media

Hi Hari I'm Philip how can I get a visa to Gibraltar

16 hours ago
Nazmul Huda Milon

Hi I’m Md Nazmul Huda, I want to visit Tajikistan as a tourist. I’m a traveler. I like Tajikistan & Tajikistan people’s . I’m interested to know & see Tajikistan culture & natural of beauty. But Tajikistan embassy not in Bangladesh . Pls advise how can I go

12 hours ago
Bayere Chick

Hi am Chick Bayere, how can I get a visa to Botswana as a tourist?

12 hours ago
Rokhan Naizai

How i can get visa to hangary i am from afghanistan

7 hours ago
Tetung Dasi

Hi sir, I am from Central Africa republic, my question is can I get a visa on arrival at Nicaragua airport?

3 hours ago