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Argentina visa questions commonly asked

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Hola Comunidad! tengo pensado ir a Buenos Aires a visitar a mis amigos. Mi pareja tiene pasaporte Libanés, pero residencia española, al estar casados y residir en España. Mi pregunta es si necesita visado para entrar en Argentina al ser su pasaporte Libanés, o al tener la residencia española (tiene NIE) no necesitaría visado? Para México no necesitabamos visado al tener residencia española, pero para Argentina no encuentro esa información. Gracias


Argentina my favorite country.I love Argentina football player.i love Argentina people nature, coulter's, government r good I want to tour argentina.but how can I I get invitation letter?? please help me email


Good morning concerned, Please. May I know easy for me as a Nigeria passport holder to travel to Argentina from South Africa, including visa fee. Thanks!


Argentina visa questions commonly asked in 2021

Last updated: February 15, 2020

Find Argentina visa questions and answers that people have with regards to tourist visas of different countries. Argentina is part of South America with main city at Buenos Aires. Its Developing country with a population of 44M people. The main currency is Argentine Peso. The languages spoken are Spanish and Guaraní.

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