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Rwanda embassies in different countries

Total embassies found for   Rwanda : 11


Embassy in Brussels

🇧🇪 Belgium • Western Europe

Embassy in Beijing

🇨🇳 China • Eastern Asia

Embassy in Berlin

🇩🇪 Germany • Central Europe

Embassy in New Delhi

🇮🇳 India • Southern Asia

Embassy in The Hague

🇳🇱 Netherlands • Western Europe

Embassy in Karthoum

🇸🇩 Sudan • Northern Africa

Embassy in Stockholm

🇸🇪 Sweden • Northern Europe

Embassy in London

🇬🇧 UK • Northern Europe

Embassy in Washington DC

🇺🇸 USA • Northern America

Rwanda embassies finder in different countries in 2021

Last updated: September 11, 2021

Rwanda has embassies in 11 cities across the world. Top cities include Brussels, Bujumbura, Beijing and Berlin. See a visual map of embassies on the world map. Rwanda is part of Eastern Africa, Africa

Source: Wikipedia