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Taiwan embassies in different countries

Total embassies found for   Taiwan : 27


Embassy in Minsk

🇧🇾 Belarus • Eastern Europe

Embassy in Gaborone

🇧🇼 Botswana • Southern Africa

Embassy in Ouagadougou

🇧🇫 Burkina Faso • Western Africa

Embassy in Mbabane

🇸🇿 Eswatini • Southern Africa

Embassy in Banjul

🇬🇲 Gambia • Western Africa

Embassy in Saint's George's

🇬🇩 Grenada • Caribbean

Embassy in Guatemala City

🇬🇹 Guatemala • Central America

Embassy in Port au Prince

🇭🇹 Haiti • Caribbean

Embassy in San Pedro Sula

🇭🇳 Honduras • Central America

Embassy in Tegucigalpa

🇭🇳 Honduras • Central America

Embassy in Rome

🇮🇹 Italy • Southern Europe

Embassy in Lilongwe

🇲🇼 Malawi • Eastern Africa

Embassy in Yaren

🇳🇷 Nauru • Micronesia

Embassy in Managua

🇳🇮 Nicaragua • Central America

Embassy in Koror

🇵🇼 Palau • Micronesia

Embassy in Panama City

🇵🇦 Panama • Central America

Embassy in Asunción

🇵🇾 Paraguay • South America

Embassy in Ciudad del Este

🇵🇾 Paraguay • South America

Embassy in Basseterre

🇰🇳 Saint Kitts and Nevis • Caribbean

Embassy in Kingstown

🇻🇨 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines • Caribbean

Embassy in Sao Tome

🇸🇹 Sao Tome and Principe • Middle Africa

Embassy in Honiara

🇸🇧 Solomon Islands • Melanesia

Embassy in Madrid

🇪🇸 Spain • Southern Europe

Taiwan embassies finder in different countries in 2021

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Taiwan has embassies in 27 cities across the world. Top cities include Minsk, Gaborone, Ouagadougou and Ouagadougou. See a visual map of embassies on the world map. Taiwan is part of Eastern Asia, Asia

Source: Wikipedia