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Georgia is part of Asia with main city at Tbilisi. Nepalese citizens need visa for travelling to Georgia as tourist. The stay is usually Short stay with a period of and visa expires in . Applicant is required to be present when applying for visa and there are total 9 documents required. You can also find visa exemptions and useful tips from fellow travellers.

Visa requirements

Visa requirements for Nepal

Visa Required

Visa Required

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  • An ordinary single-entry visa shall be issued according to the number of days indicated by an alien in a visa application but for not more than 30 calendar days.

  • An ordinary multiple-entry visa shall be issued for a maximum of five years.

  • Besides, the total period of an alien’s entry and stay in Georgia in any 180-day period shall not exceed 90 calendar days.

  • An ordinary multiple-entry visa shall be issued to aliens, who, under the procedures established by the legislation of Georgia, have visited Georgia at least once during the previous year, and there are grounds for requesting an ordinary multiple-entry visa.

Applicant required

Short Stay

Travel tips

✨ Tips for Georgia tourist visa

  • Visa required and eVisa can be applied online. But can visit and stay for 90 days without Georgian visa if holding a supporting document which could be a valid visa or residence permit issued by USA, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, Schengen and GCC countries.

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Last updated: June 18, 2019