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The travel advice is Do not travel to Switzerland. Get travel alerts and advice before travelling to Switzerland. Switzerland is part of Europe with main city at Bern. Its Developed country with a population of 8M people. The main currency is Swiss Franc. The languages spoken are German, French and Italian.
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🛡️ Travel safety for Switzerland

Do not travel

March 30, 2020

Switzerland has extended its measures to now restrict entry to include people from all remaining Schengen states, with the exception of Liechtenstein. Previous entry restrictions only applied to Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Spain. Exceptions to this travel ban are included in the 'Travel' section. You may continue to transit through Switzerland. If you choose to remain in Switzerland, authorities require all foreign tourists to contact the Cantonal Office of Population and Migration in their area to obtain a temporary residence permit. You must also arrange accommodation and travel insurance. All foreigners will receive the same level of medical care as Swiss residents, but may be required to guarantee payment in advance. We recommend you contact your insurer to seek advice. We advise you: Do not travel to Switzerland.

🚨 Travel Alert for Switzerland

Issued date: April 3, 2020

1. Passengers are not allowed to enter Switzerland.

- This does not apply to nationals or residents of Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

- This does not apply to passenger with a cross-border commuter permit who are entering Switzerland for work, with a C-visa issued by Switzerland for the purpose of 'business meetings' as specialists in the field of health or 'official visit' of great importance, with a D-visa issued by Switzerland or who have an assurance of a residence permit.

-This does not apply to passengers traveling directly through Switzerland to another country that they are permitted to enter.

- This does not apply to passengers who are entitled to freedom of movement and have a professional reason for entering Switzerland and have a confirmation of registration.

- This does not apply to passengers who are of great importance as specialists in the health sector.

- This does not apply to passengers travelling by land to their country of origin or residency within the European Union or Schengen area. They must have a proof of onward journey.

2. Passengers can only land at Basel (BSL), Geneva (GVA) or Zurich (ZRH).

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Last updated: April 3, 2020